Jazz or Not?

. . .So . . . here's the deal -

WHAT I LOVE: I love classic jazz. It is awesome. I like either the kind that swings hard, floats, or is latin tinged, and in which I can discover a small thing which is somehow new.

Here is the catch: To the general population Jazz is muffled, annoying and/or irrelevant. Ironically, Jazz is also now enslaved - nearly embalmed - by its loyal, highly segmented, discerning, AND comparatively small audience. Creative jazz musicians live in straight jackets, searching for a release which can sustain them.

WILL JAZZ EVOLVE? Despite their boundless enthusiasm and narcissism, thousands of new 'jazz graduates' will awaken painfully to the notion that "new directions" are unlikely; less likely to commercialize. Yet they will spend their entire lives discovering subtly new turns and twists in jazz. Dying even harder for all is the idea that playing faster, with more or less precision or nuance, with distinctive timbre on unusual instruments - will help jazz evolve. These cannot. Replacing swing with rock, rap, glo-fi, hip hop, latin, afro-pop, Zeuhl or world meter and rhythms are already totally worn out concepts.

The hurdle is high. Maybe at a time when Coltrane and Kenny G. share the play-lists in elevators and bathrooms, it is time to take more chances.

. . . so, I decided: "Screw It" but, not to give up . . . . . . .

Jazz or Not ... meet Mark and FULL-STREAM-MUSIC .